Our entrance to creating wholesome quality extracts came out of the need to help our own loved ones.


Experience has taught us that creating and providing quality medicine takes hard work and commitment. Reaching the mountaintop takes a whole team being dedicated to the same goals. Nothing about what we do comes easy, and we like it that way. From beginning to end, our process is meticulously monitored following our standards for safety and quality. Take comfort knowing our products are made with you in mind throughout our process. Here at Mountaintop Extracts, science and artistry have come to form the symbiotic relationship necessary to our craft. 

The responsibility of providing the best and safest medicine possible for all our consumers is something we take seriously. Our extraction method employs a closed looped light hydrocarbon system utilizing butane and/or propane as our solvents. This does not make it easier; rather, it creates a full-spectrum product of the extracted cannabis. Preserving all the terpenes utilizing our proprietary process keeps each strain of cannabis as it should be: unique. We believe nature knows more than us and retaining a wholesome extraction of the cannabis profile is the best quality medicine.  Exactly what you deserve in any cannabis product. All our extractions are tested to ensure they have no detectable traces of residual solvents, surpassing state standards. Experience the mountaintop.

Those of us who have watched someone undergo chemotherapy understand the helplessness of watching a person we love suffer from another round of drugs that cause as many problems as they seek to solve. As we watched our mom go through this, we got tired of witnessing nausea, pain, and sleeplessness from chemo. We wanted to help her. For us, cannabis was an amazing alternative medicine to counteract the harsh side effects of the invasive treatment for cancer. We realized that extracted products can provide a more concentrated form of medication for easier consumption and relief. Love and care—that was the start of Mountaintop Extracts.

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