Experience what it means to be a true cannabis aficionado. Live-Resin is an extraction performed immediately after harvesting cannabis. Absolute preservation of everything in the plant for the creation of the best extraction possible.



Award winning, and our own crown jewel in what quality means to us. Our live resin extraction is the experience sought by any cannabis aficionado. These diamonds are not forever, yet, they are an absolute gem to consume.


Not everything can become a diamond. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t spectacular! The residual product in making diamonds, whatever does not crystalize, is a phenomenal full profile of terpenes for an excellent taste and experience.


Our most pure product to what it means to vape cannabis. We create an extracted product with a low viscosity that requires no cuts. This means what you consume is true to you. A vape product that can give the most justice to every unique cannabis strain. Convenience in medicine never tasted so good.

Live Well

Experience the Mountain

Live True

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