Our business is to be the best at what we do. We offer a variety  legal hemp CBD products that are formulated onsite in the United States using when possible organic and responsibly sourced ingredients. All of our CBD products contain extracted high quality hemp CBD oil and  then formulated to provide optimal results. We love what we do and are proud of our products and their benefit to our customers.



Climbing to the mountaintop is not a sprint.  


We believe it is a team effort. That is why we employ a business model that empowers our whole team. When we succeed, our whole team wins.


This is the Mountaintop way.


At Mountaintop Extracts, we believe in sustainable growth. Investing time and training in all our processes to create the highest quality product possible. Our partnerships do not require any franchising fee; rather, it is a long-term engagement in training and sharing of our proprietary knowledge and processes.


Our methodology for success comes directly from U.S. military leadership. Creating decentralized teams capable of providing personalization makes us agile to local markets. This is important because there is not one single perfect solution for everyone. Precise communication and transparency allow everyone under the Mountaintop Extracts brand to understand the team’s objectives.


No one is made to be a cog; rather, we are all leaders capable of initiative and success. Collaboration across teams and departments makes for innovative ideas and employee engagement. At Mountaintop Extracts, we are building a successful team where everyone is empowered and capable of great things.

As a cannabis brand specializing in using light hydrocarbon extraction methods with both butane and propane, our methods are not easily replicable. This method, although more difficult, provides a superior full-spectrum product preserving all the terpenes. In addition, our extractions are tested to be solvent-free, surpassing state standards, always. Quality takes time and work. For this reasoning, we look for partnerships rather than franchising our brand name. We are actively looking for new partners in new regions to bring our brand to more consumers.


Being in a partnership means we share in the ownership of quality products. We train and build a team in production following our methodology in leadership. With our partners we share access to all our proprietary recipes and production knowledge—this way, we can make leading extraction facilities wherever our partners are. Importantly, we do not believe we have all the answers. The benefits of a partnership are advanced collaboration into new products and service offerings. Utilizing our knowledge and skills in conjunction with our partners’ makes for success.

We have developed a sustainable business model of providing extractions and we want to share our knowledge. Advancing the community by bringing quality products is important to us.  Our consultation practices offer a fully engaged training in using our light hydrocarbon solvent-based extraction processes.


This process can use either butane and propane as a solvent. This method could be dangerous for untrained extractors. Poor training and irresponsible extraction could be potentially harmful to consumers if traces of solvent were to be left behind. Because of this, we feel a responsibility to help bring the industry to a high-quality standard for a safe and prosperous industry in cannabis extractions.


In addition to providing the knowledge for a successful extraction service, we also give access to our proprietary software for managing work flow, and formulation calculators in the creation of edibles. Our consultation services give you the knowledge and tools to create a successful extraction company in a rapidly growing industry.

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