It’s not just a motto for us, but the fabric of Mountaintop. Every single person who works for Mountaintop is committed to the quality and care of each and every product.


The purpose behind every product is to ensure the best quality of medicine for patients. Our extraction method employs a closed loop light hydrocarbon system utilizing butane/and or propane as our solvents. This extraction method maximizes the cannabis strains’ original medicinal terpene profile, meaning we do not reinfuse terpenes post-extraction. We believe, preserving the original terpenes and their relative ratios to be imperative in creating a superior medicine this is our goal first and foremost at Mountaintop Extracts. Preserving the terpenes under this process keeps each strain of cannabis as it should be: unique. All of our extractions are tested to have no detectable traces of residual solvents and surpass state standards. Experience the Mountaintop.


Confidence in your medicine is our most important promise to you from Mountaintop Extracts. Our entire process of creating cannabis products is to utilizing a full-spectrum extraction process. Nothing infused, just the entirety of cannabis profile preserved in all our products. Enjoy our proportionable edibles, concentrates rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, and vape pens that encompass the complete integrity of the base cannabis. A completely organic product, testing solvent free. Enjoy with confidence.

Mountaintop Extracts is New Mexico’s first licensed indoor BHO/PHO solvent-based extraction plant. Based out of Albuquerque, our state-of-the-art production facility focuses on producing and distributing the safest and purest medicine for the patients in the NM Medical Cannabis Program. Mountaintop Extracts is looking to partner with cultivators around the country to replicate and expand upon our superior extraction model.


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