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Basics-Cannabis Plant & Your Body

Educational Card Series

Discover Cannabis is an educational card series created by Mountaintop Extracts to bring both transparency of our process…

Cannabis Consumption & Products

Process Matters.

Mountaintop Extracts values two points above all else in the creation of our cannabis products: cannabis integrity and…

Cannabis Consumption & Products

The Mountaintop Edibles Difference

For every manufactured cannabis product, process matters. Mountaintop Extracts’ method is based on a holistic approach to medical…

trustworthy and clean medicine

For Mountaintop, cannabis integrity matters. We understand the importance of medicine that is both trustworthy and clean.

From our humble beginnings, we have dedicated ourselves to provide medicine and education which promotes conversation about the natural therapeutic relationship between humans and cannabis.

Experience the Mountaintop.

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New Mexico’s Favorite Edible

Discover New Mexico’s top-awarded edible – Piña Colada Lollipops. Made for patients, we crafted these as a high dose medicine that can be easily consumed with nausea.

Our edible differs from others by using True Full-Spectrum base. This creates a complimentary and stronger effect for patients by preserving the full medicinal properties of cannabis.


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New Mexico's top concentrate

Mountaintop Extract specialty lies in its extraction method. Providing award-winning concentrates for our patients.

Our most awarded and revered concentrates is our diamonds. A process of crystallization that gives a clean consumable form of cannabis.

What are Diamonds?


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  • Best infused product - 2018 Essie Awards
  • Best edible - 2018 Essie Awards
  • Best diamonds - 2018 710 Concentrate Cup
  • Best concentrate - 2018 Essie Awards

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