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Products: Solscend

Solscend Technology offers turnkey, three-ingredient cannabis dissolvables for both business and consumer applications.

true full-spectrum

tested solvent-free

zero additives

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Our Story

Initially inspired by our love of family and the wild New Mexico landscape, we made Solscend because we wanted to microdose life’s little moments. 

As health-conscious humans on the go, we felt consumers and white-label partners alike deserved a cannabis dissolvable that’s compatible with wellness-focused lifestyles. This is a product crafted for people who read the label—water-soluble, plant-based and pharmaceutical-grade with no added sugars. 

We recognized the need for a super simple cannabis dissolvable that anyone can enjoy, from athletes to busy professionals and parents tackling a mountain of to-dos. Solscend is also a powerful technology that our white-label partners can use to take their formulations to the next level at any scale.

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Your Expert in Cannabis Chemistry

You don’t need to be an expert in cannabis chemistry to create a medical-grade, water-soluble complex for your infusions. You just need Solscend: An uber-effective delivery mechanism that can take your product formulas to the next level. 

Our proprietary technology transforms the very best New Mexico cannabis biomass into a one-of-a-kind THC powder using the first C1D1 indoor light hydrocarbon extraction facility in New Mexico. 

Solscend powers one of New Mexico's top cannabis brands - Mountaintop Extracts - known for its emphasis on quality, medical efficacy and natural ingredients.

photo of Mountaintop Extracts concentrates packaging, with a big nut sitting on top and gorgeous golden diamonds in front

Trusted White Label Partner

Over the course of nine months, the Mountaintop Extracts team worked with a PhD chemist to perfect Solscend until we felt comfortable using this cannabis dissolvable to infuse our own edible and drinkable products. We wanted Solscend to be: 

Truly dissolvable, so it could be added to different foods and drinks without impacting texture or taste. 

Rich in terpenes—the chemical compounds that contribute to the nuanced effects of different cannabis strains, but are often lost during the extraction process. 

Microdose-friendly, so consumers feel comfortable using Solscend both at a lower dose and for higher-dose medical and recreational use. 

In short, Solscend seamlessly integrates into life’s little moments.

photo of two people sitting around a picnic basket with a charcuterie board and Mountaintop Extracts edibles and Oasis dissolvable powder in and next to a picnic basket.

Effective Drug Delivery

Solscend uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and technology to provide an efficient and effective drug delivery method proven in other industries. Solscend has the highest loading capacity of any similar product available, which allows for a broader range of infusions including topicals, suppositories, inhalables, ingestibles and even intravenously. 

Solscend is: 

  • Plant-based 
  • Gluten-free 
  • No Added Sugar 
  • Temperature and pH stable 
  • Shelf-stable 
  • Totally water-soluble
photo of a glass of iced tea with lemon, and dissolvable cannabis being poured into the glass, next to a package of Mountaintop Extracts Oasis dissolvable cannabis.

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Our Infusions Hit Different

Rise and shine—our infusions are designed for daytime use with uplifting cannabinoids and terpenes that can be used medicinally or recreationally with no sugar, no artificial ingredients and no drag.

We Believe That Process Matters

From our values to our commitment to our community to our extraction and formulation process, Learn what makes Mountaintop Extracts products different.

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Terpenes 101

Terpenes are the primary components of the essential oils in many plants, flowers and fruit.