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Our Products: Concentrates

Our concentrates have one ingredient and a single focus: maintaining the integrity of the cannabis plant for an optimum experience.

true full-spectrum


tested solvent-free

zero additives

entourage effect

Craft Concentrates

Our craft concentrates are created to represent one ingredient: pure cannabis. Our  extraction process is fine-tuned for each batch, and we are able to preserve the unique profiles of terpenes and cannabinoids—the chemical compounds that give cannabis its distinctive taste, scents and effects. 

Because the amount of terpenes and cannabinoids, you can expect a pure and potent high. 

Our concentrates are strain-specific, so they can vary significantly in consistency from a shatter to a sugar wax.

Mountaintop Extracts dabbable concentrates inside a package, surrounded by lab equipment


We are best known in the New Mexico cannabis community for our Diamonds, a unique form of cannabis concentrate that is the crystallization and bonding of THCA. These pure THCA-bonded crystals transform into pure, potent THC when heated. The result is an uncommonly clean, rich cannabis experience like no other. 

We start by extracting live resin from cannabis plants that are flash-frozen at their peak. Freezing the raw cannabis flower at peak maturity helps preserve the complete terpene and cannabinoid profiles, providing consumers with robust flavor and precise effects.

photo of a large cannabis concentrate in diamond form sitting atop a dab tool extracted by Mountaintop Extracts


Caviar is a potent form of concentrated cannabis extracted using our proprietary BHO extraction method. This solvent-based extraction maintains the highest level of cannabis integrity from beginning to end. 

This True Full-Spectrum extraction method cleans the cannabis of any microbials, molds and mildews, heavy metals, and some pesticides that may have been introduced during cultivation.

photo of a golden cannabis concentrate in caviar form sitting atop a dab tool extracted by Mountaintop Extracts

We Believe That Process Matters

From our values to our commitment to our community to our extraction and formulation process, Learn what makes Mountaintop Extracts products different.

a photo of pinecones, pine leaves and cannabis nugs.

Terpenes 101

Terpenes are the primary components of the essential oils in many plants, flowers and fruit.

photo of Mountaintop Extracts concentrates packaging, with a big nut sitting on top and gorgeous golden diamonds in front

What is Live Resin?

Mountaintop Extracts’ speciality is live resin extraction. We begin with a cannabis plant that is flash-frozen at peak maturity during harvest. Essentially, it is the extraction of cannabis oil while the plant is “alive”.