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Our promise is clean medicine. Our vapes are just that. Trustworthy, natural, potent and convenient.

true full-spectrum

tested solvent free

zero additives

100% strain-specific

entourage effect

Live resin

Our Live Resin line offers 100% strain-specific, full-spectrum cannabis oil in a vape cartridge. We begin with a cannabis plant that is flash-frozen at peak maturity during harvest. The plant remains frozen throughout the extraction process. Essentially, we are extracting the cannabis oil while the plant is “alive”. 

This method ensures complete preservation of the plant’s delicate trichomes. Trichomes are the main contributors to cannabinoids and terpenes. Our proprietary extraction process captures the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids. To be considered full spectrum, an extract has to maintain all of the plant's natural terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids and compounds. 

The final product is a strain-specific, true full-spectrum cannabis oil for a full-bodied, true to the plant experience. Inhale the flavors and aromas reminiscent of walking through a grow, and enjoy effects that feel distinct to each strain — a true live flower experience in the convenience of a portable vape.

Mountaintop Extracts live resin and cured packaging and hardware

Cured resin

We utilize the same BHO extraction process for our Cured Resin (dried flower) vapes. The difference is the input material—here we utilize flower that has been harvested and cured. This exclusive oil is crafted to provide true cannabis flavor in a portable and convenient vape. 

Our proprietary process achieves proper viscosity for vaporizing and a consistent flow with zero additives. Nothing reinfused, nothing blended. Just quality cannabis as pure, clean and beautiful as the deserts and mountains of the Land of Enchantment.

Mountaintop Extracts live resin, cured resin vape packaging and hardware


The best oil deserves the best hardware. We rigorously test hardware options to ensure the attention to detail we apply to our extractions will deliver from the first inhale through the last. 

1mil ceramic cartridge

Optimized to absorb and evenly heat high quality oil more effectively, our 1mil full ceramic cartridge allows you to enjoy pure flavor, unsurpassed function and an elevated experience. Made with borosilicate glass housing, a full zirconia ceramic center post and ceramic heating core, this cartridge can handle extracts with high terpene percentages. Fits a standard 510 thread battery. Available in both live and cured resin strains. 

1mil disposable

We believe in function over everything to deliver the best experience, hit after hit. We chose the Flex Pro disposable hardware as it allows for the most control over how the oil is delivered. Capable of bringing out the unique aromas and flavors of high terpene extracts, the experience is unmatched, from the first hit to the last. Rechargeable. Available in both live and cured resin strains.

a photo of Mountaintop Extracts 1ML cartridge and 1ML all-in-one hardware on a white background.

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What is Live Resin?

Mountaintop Extracts’ speciality is live resin extraction. We begin with a cannabis plant that is flash-frozen at peak maturity during harvest. Essentially, it is the extraction of cannabis oil while the plant is “alive”.