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Clean, pure cannabis at your fingertips. 

Our vapes are made from one ingredient only—premium cannabis. Nothing added, nothing blended, a complete and true-to-the-flower experience. Available in Live Resin and Cured Resin strains.

a photo of a cartridge on a battery and vape packaging by Mountaintop Extracts. the cartridge and boxes are sitting in a New Mexico desert with a cactus and the Sandi Mountains in the background.


Go beyond THC. 

Explore the difference and experience the full-bodied effects that only full-spectrum cannabis edibles can provide. Our infusions are formulated to retain all the beneficial compounds in cannabis, so you can expect more from our edibles.

a photo of a package of edibles from Mountaintop Extracts, surrounded by various berries and cannabis buds.


Extracts for the distinguished smoker. 

Every concentrate we make is from single source, premium cannabis, with a single focus: to bring out the truest expression of the plant. With Mountaintop Extracts, you never have to wonder if what you're smoking is clean, safe and the highest quality. What more could you ask for?

a photo of Mountaintop Extracts cannabis concentrate packaging, resting atop concentrated cannabis caviar.


Powered by Solscend Technology, our infusions hit different. 

We retain all of the critical elements of the extracted cannabis plant that makes for a distinct experience, whether enjoyed as a topical or an ingestible.

a photo of 9 tins of Mountaintop Extracts Wonderbear Salve on a blue background. One tin has the lid off so you can see the creamy salve inside.

Solscend Technology

Effective, simple, dissolvable cannabis. 

Whether you're developing a cannabis brand or looking to integrate cannabis into your busy life, Solscend Technology has a place in your toolkit. 

Turnkey, three-ingredient cannabis dissolvable formulations for B2B and B2C markets. Water-soluble, plant-based and pharmaceutical-grade with no added sugars. Microdose life's little moments.

a photo of the packaging for Oasis cannabis dissolvable powder from Mountaintop Extracts.

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a photo of pinecones, pine leaves and cannabis nugs.

Terpenes 101

Terpenes are the primary components of the essential oils in many plants, flowers and fruit.

a photo of a Mountaintop Extracts employee raising a trophy in the air at the High Times awards show, December 2023

2023 Cannabis Cup

We are still flying high after our late 2023 wins at the High Times People's Choice awards show. Positive feedback is why we do what we do!

photo of Mountaintop Extracts concentrates packaging, with a big nut sitting on top and gorgeous golden diamonds in front

What is Live Resin?

Mountaintop Extracts’ speciality is live resin extraction. We begin with a cannabis plant that is flash-frozen at peak maturity during harvest. Essentially, it is the extraction of cannabis oil while the plant is “alive”.