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February 15, 2024

Celebrating Moms Who Mindfully Consume

photo of two people having a picnic. you see them from the shoulders down, one is holding a cup of coffee, one is holding a cannabis vape  pen. there is a package of edibles from Mountaintop Extracts on the teal blanket.

Jen Merryman, Co-Owner and President, Mountaintop Extracts

“If I had known then what I know now, my consumption journey would have 100% started pre-motherhood. I started taking cannabis when I was 45, having attended a Ninja Cross Training Bootcamp that blew out my back disc and spent two years, with no surgery, during a recovery that required a heavy daily dose of cannabis and pilates reformers. Cannabis was a life-saver from pain and depression. It kept me balanced and calm in my recovery.


“I love bringing cannabis into my hot yoga practice and meditation work. During my practice I focus on my evolving role as an older mother with two adult children who have children of their own. Cannabis allows me to embrace transitions more peacefully and has ignited in me creativity with a new fearlessness that’s soulfully refreshing.” 

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