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February 19, 2024

TerpKey Cannabis Decoder

multi-colored graphic with an eye in the center

TerpKey—Real Insight Into Cannabis

Looking for insight into how different cannabis strains or consumption methods may affect you? Look to TerpKey. Terpenes are the truth tellers of how a cannabis product will affect you. The combination of terpenes in a strain determines if a specific cannabis profile is energizing, restful, sedating or another unique encounter. 

We developed TerpKey to help you understand and decode the cannabis experience. 

TerpKey highlights specific combinations of terpenes, within the strain, indicating their prominent and signature elements based on the wheel below:  


Cultivate a deeper understanding of your cannabis journey with TerpKey.


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At Mountaintop Extracts, we value two points above all else in the creation of our cannabis products: cannabis integrity and our ability to guarantee clean medicine to patients. Trust in your medicine is critical.