Our business is to be the best at what we do. We offer a variety  legal hemp CBD products that are formulated onsite in the United States using when possible organic and responsibly sourced ingredients. All of our CBD products contain extracted high quality hemp CBD oil and  then formulated to provide optimal results. We love what we do and are proud of our products and their benefit to our customers.




The subtle knockout. Our edibles are something you should not underestimate due to their deliciousness and subtlety of cannabis flavor…We just have exceptional skill in the blending of THC into our little treats. Made with consistent portions, our edibles are something to enjoy for your precise dosage levels.

Why do we use a more complex extraction? You won't have to ask after enjoying any of our concentrates. Our craft retains the entire cannabis profile giving you one enjoyable experience full of flavor.

Convenience at its finest. A full-bodied hit in every draw from your pen will keep you smiling. Put it in your pocket and have some more later. Our vape pens are meant to be there for you at your leisure.

Experience what it means to be a true cannabis aficionado. Live-Resin is an extraction performed immediately after harvesting cannabis. Absolute preservation of everything in the plant for the creation of the best extraction possible.

Live Well

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Live True

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