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When most think of ways to consume cannabis, most people think of smoking or edibles, but there is so much more variety. There are multiple different ways to inhale cannabis, ingest cannabis, and there are a variety of topicals that exist within dispensaries. Here is a brief overview of each type of method. 


(Wax & Flower & Vape) 

The most known way to consume cannabis is through inhalation. This is typically loved for the rapid effects and how much control there is with the doseage.

Inhalation effects can peak around fifteen minutes but can last anywhere between two to four hours. Inhalation is recommended for anyone who wants instant effects and to control how intense effects they desire. 

Inhalation avoids the digestive system which makes it beneficial to those who suffer from symptoms such as: nausea or digestive issues. 


(Edibles, RSO, tinctures) 

Edibles are one of the most popular way to consume cannabis. Not everyone enjoys smoking and the effects of edibles last longer. Edibles can also be found in all forms and flavors. They range from hard candies, lollipops and gummies to classic brownies and then all the way to things like RSO (Rick Simpson oil is a form of concentrate that is edible) along with tinctures. 

Effects can peak after an hour to two hours and can last anywhere between four to six hours and are often used in a “layered” approach depending on the types of issues being addressed. Edibles are recommended for anyone who wants a long lasting effect and is okay with waiting for the effects to kick in.

Topical – external 

(Lotions, salves, massage oils, transdermal patches)

Topicals are applied – you guessed it – topically on the skin. They come in many forms such as lotions, salves, massage oils and even transdermal patches. These are typically used for pain relief along with alleviating skin problems. 

Transdermal patches are essentially the same concept as a nicotine patch but instead of nicotine it can be THC, CBD, or THC/CBD ratio. Depending on where you live, you can find other patches with other cannabinoids such as CBN and CBG. 

Topicals effects can kick in almost instantly and vary on how long they last depending on your body and how much used. Topicals are recommended for anyone who has various joint or muscle pain, or inflammation issues and do not want to feel the typical effects of cannabis.

Topical – internal


Topicals that are placed internally are also considered suppositories. There are anal and vaginal suppositories. These are wonderful for patients who suffer from symptoms such as: pain or nausea. 

These are also wonderful for those who can not easily ingest cannabis but want something that lasts longer than inhalation.

Friendly Reminder: 

The key to cannabis consumption is to remember what type of effects you are seeking along with how long they last. Everyone’s bodies are different and you may respond differently than someone else who has similar symptoms. 

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