Discover Mountain Mist Live-Resin Cartridges

The Mountain Mist line offers 100% strain-specific, full-spectrum cannabis oil in a vape cartridge. Mountaintop’s vapes are created with a live-resin extraction process and then put into cartridges.

Our proprietary process achieves proper viscosity and a consistent flow with ZERO additives.  ZERO. Our final product offers you a strain-specific, true full-spectrum cannabis oil to be used in a discreet manner for a total enjoyable and memorable experience.

What is Live-Resin Extraction?

Mountaintop Extracts’ speciality is live-resin extraction. This is done by flash-freezing the cannabis plant at peak maturity during harvest. Essentially, it is the extraction of cannabis oil while the plant is “alive”.

Live-resin extraction ensures complete preservation of the plant’s delicate trichomes. Trichomes are the main contributors to cannabinoids and terpenes. Mountain Mist vape cartridges are one of the purest and richest expression of cannabis oil to date.

Many other vape products are cut with different forms of triglycerides in order to create a smooth consistent flow. Some of these triglycerides are: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol and foreign sourced terpenes. These could prove dangerous to your health.

Process matters.  Experience the Mountaintop.

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